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Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases and spend about $5 trillion annually. 1

Women cite friends and family referrals and word-of-mouth buzz as a key influence when making purchasing decisions. 2

That means that not only do you need to get to her, but you also need to reach her within her social circle.

Traditional advertising and marketing efforts are often too broad-based, ineffectual or costly.   The trend toward more personal, non-traditional, direct-to-consumer relationships and affinity programs is essential to a campaign's success and to developing long-term brand loyalty.

One2One Network has thousands of savvy, socially-connected women ages 25-54 in over 60 markets who act as catalysts and ambassadors for your brand.

Based on a campaign's demographic focus, One2One Networkers can be specifically targeted using an extensive list of filters like age, location, zip code, marital status, household income, children's ages, education and more.  

We make sure the right brand catalysts are matched to the right projects.

One2One Network:

Implements Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Improves Brand Awareness

Illuminates Consumer Insight

Intensifies Customer Communication & Loyalty

Influences Purchase Intent

Invigorates Sales & Searches

Increases Overall Buzz for Brand

Overview of Services:

Sampling, Seeding & Feedback

Sample distribution of product, information, coupons, etc. to One2One Networkers based on quantity and demographic filters determined by the client.

Seeding bulk product by One2One Networkers to their personal social circles and local communities. Coupons and promotional tools may also be included in the distribution.

One2One Network recruits the right Networkers, coordinates the campaign and delivers feedback reports based on surveys crafted along with the client for both sampling and seeding programs.

Viral Marketing & Grassroots PR

Viral & Word-of-Mouth Marketing
One2One Networkers personally promote products to their social circles via word-of-mouth, personal emails, blogs, social network posting, website interaction and more. Clients are provided with reports that include links to key postings and threads.

Grassroots PR
One2One Network targets influential and high-traffic blogs and online groups to feature or mention your brand.

Use the One2One Network Flame Deterrent Department to help neutralize or extinguish incorrect or unfair rumors that may be spreading about your brand online. We deploy our team to make sure the correct information, provided by your company, is dispersed in a timely and meaningful manner.

Market Visibility
Custom Events

In-Home Parties
Networkers create a fun, relaxed environment in their homes and host parties for their friends to sample and experience products. These parties generate not only awareness but also valuable word-of-mouth marketing well after the party ends. This is an excellent local or national PR opportunity surrounding these events. One2One Network recruits hosts, organizes the events and provides feedback from the events.

Viewing or Listening Events
One2One Networkers love to be the first to see, hear or experience new Films, Television Shows, Music, DVDs or Commercials and be the first to tell their friends about it. Networkers can be tied into existing events or One2One Network can work with the client to create them. A One2One Network full Viral Marketing campaign is the perfect companion program for these events.

Family or Multi-Generational Events
One2One Network can create family-oriented events such as themed play dates, after school events, game nights, Mother/Daughter or Mother/Son events.

Focus Groups
One2One Network will recruit and manage roundtable focus groups and provide feedback.

Shop-Alongs or In-Home Visits
One2One Network can provide selected members to participate in selected ethnographic studies including Shop-Alongs or In-Home Studies.

Research & Insight

One2One Network can help clients obtain crucial consumer insight by creating custom surveys targeting select Networkers. We can procure information for clients about women's buying habits or consumption methods. Networkers can rank an image campaign, a commercial, product line, new TV program, film or group of songs. Clients receive top-line or detailed reports including either raw or coded open-end data. One2One Network specializes in a quick turnaround time.

Brands can sponsor or co-sponsor Network surveys that can include shared and/or proprietary questions.


One2One Network has a keen understanding of women's wants, needs and aspirations as consumers. We can assist in tailoring your messaging and creative direction targeting this specific demographic of Women 25-54 and its many sub-demos.

Brands can sponsor or co-sponsor Network surveys that can include shared and/or proprietary questions.

For any questions about One2One Network or to request a proposal, please contact:   Barbara Jones at 203-340-2257 x701 or email us at

Trendwatching, August 2007    2 Marti Barletta, CEO Trendsight, Author Marketing To Women.